Hey Look! A Nocturne

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when the sky was beginning to fade, 
my mother would look up deep to the skies. 
there waiting,
her neglectful companion. 

hung across the evening sky like a cloud lost among the stars: 
only the dancing partner of the tides
a big flaming ball of cheese
the curve of my mother’s smile.
a wandering partygoer
ahead of the oncoming night
a subtle impression of itself
dim from the curtain of light

deep in her heart 
there was yearning beyond expectation
more than the sum of its parts
she saw her entire life waiting for her 
and only by night she could be 
a lonely child, a wayward adult, a tired mother,
all in need of something more than themselves
waiting upon them, theirs and only. 

“nothing more than the sum of its parts”
she would say.
“it’s just enough to know”
that she’d seen it.