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Drink from me like wisdom adrift in the well of time
In this, I am fortunate to have enough to share. 
Let me keep you in my thoughts even when you refuse to be kept. 
My kindred adrift, I am want to take you care. 

Let me share you in the revelry of the dusk of my years,
Let my fears be your fears, and your problems be mine.
In return, I’ll take many things.  You’ll miss none but your youth.
My need is affection and I’ll return you in kind. 

Let my recklessness wander voraciously across the ripples of your beating heart.
Let me cling to that in you which has tendency to change, 
Let me hold you, beholden only to my dependency on unaccountability.
Let yourself go into the fiery tendrils of my coarse embrace.

My affection is like a baby bird that has fallen out of a tree, 
I can’t help it, little mine. It’s not in my power, 
but you are, and I can help you if you resist being broken. 
Yet I am denied, little mine, by a childish coward. 

I am brought asunder by a thunderous disappointment? 
You are my blood, and my blunder. You shatter like a dream. 
Your quality is naught but the sum of my various mistakes. 
Like the contents of my garbage, you are mine: unfortunately. 

(please be okay, little mine. i pray for your joy, little mine)
(strength is fragility tempered with conflict and time)
(you’ll be strong and brave and kind and free)
(i hope, my kindred adrift in the well of me)